Favourite Links

Links from December 2014 meeting

Belly dancing classes:  Zabelle Zamovtek www.zabelleydancer.com.au

Links from October 2014 meeting

Nails: https://www.facebook.com/prettyintensebeauty

Personal Training: http://www.cinchpersonaltraining.com

Health and Wellbeing Consultant: http://www.livelifeyou.com

Emotional and Physical Health: http://www.qttransformation.com

Podiatrist   http://stepwell.com.au/

Links from August 2014 Meeting – Women and Finance


Links from our June 2014 Meeting – Getting Connected

Blogging Miss Rosanna AKA Christina Lew http://missrosanna.blogspot.com.au

Starting an Online Business for Dummies Melissa Norfolk www.melissanorfolk.com.au

Virtual Assistants Rosie Shilo www.virtuallyyours.com.au

Some useful contacts from our April 2014 Meeting

Photography by Natalie Morawski   email  natalie@nmphotography.com.au

Image Consultant Suzanne Dekyvere    www.airofdistinction.com.au

Personal Branding  Lisa Cutler   www.thebutterflyprogram.com


Find Your Inner Red Shoes


Since establishing the Red Shoes Network, we’ve discovered a Latin American author, Mariela Dabbah, whose books include “Find Your Inner Red Shoes”.

Mariela established the Red Shoe Movement to help increase female representation at executive levels in all types of organisations. She invites women to wear red shoes on Tuesdays to signal their support because when women open doors for each other, there’s one less hurdle in the way.

How does it work?

By wearing your red shoes to work on Tuesdays (and whenever possible) and letting people know that you support the Red Shoe Movement (RSM), you will not only establish yourself as a supporter of women but also inspire other women to join the movement. It’s very likely that the sheer peer pressure will drive a new conversation at work about women supporting one another.

What are the principles behind the movement?

* Refrain from bad-mouthing other women
* Avoid using labels that contribute to stereotype women
* Mentor younger or less experienced women whenever you have a chance
* Offer opportunities to women who are eager to learn and open to feedback
* Provide honest feedback to women in your network, and avoid hurtful comments or unnecessary criticism
* Cultivate your relationship with women on your team
* Celebrate selflessly the accomplishments of other women